Tips for Loading a Shipping Container for Overseas Moving

If you have decided to move your family overseas, then you will need to load your personal property into a shipping container so it can be moved across the ocean. Since shipping containers that travel across the sea undergo a lot of movement, it is important that you properly load your container. A properly loaded shipping container will ensure that your belongings all arrive in the same condition that they were originally in when placed into the container. 

Here are some tips for you to follow when loading your shipping container.

Tip: Check the Shipping Container for Holes or Cracks

When your shipping container arrives at your home, take the time to inspect it both inside and out. Shipping containers that will undergo sea travel should not have any holes or cracks in them. Any damage to a container can be an area where water or rodents can get inside and damage your belongings. 

Tip: Place Your Furniture and Appliances at the Back of the Shipping Container

The first things that you should load into your shipping container are any appliances and furniture that you will be taking with you. Wrap each appliance or furniture item with a moving blanket and then pack them tightly against each other along the back of the container. On top of these items, pack in light boxes all the way to the ceiling of the shipping container to completely utilize the space.

Tip: Use Specialty Boxes for Dishes and Clothing

Since your packed boxes will take a beating as your container travels across the ocean, you should purchase specialty boxes to pack your dishes and your clothing. China moving boxes are special boxes that have dividers to protect each piece of your dish set from breakage. Likewise, wardrobe boxes allow you to hang your clothing in them so nothing gets smashed. Also, unpacking wardrobe boxes is much easier than unpacking clothing folded in regular moving boxes.

Tip: Pack Items at the Front of the Shipping Container for Quick Access

Finally, since it will invariably take you a while to unload your shipping container when it arrives at your destination, pack the items you want to retrieve first at the very front of the container against the doors. It is always a good idea to pack your mattress and your children's items near the front for easy access. Doing so will give you a comfortable place to sleep and give you access to toys to keep your children busy with while you are unpacking and settling into your new home.

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