Tips For Storing Fragile Items

You may have heard the advice that you should avoid storing fragile items in storage when possible. So then, what are you supposed to do with these items when you need to use self storage? The best solution is to follow these tips for careful storage when you are using storage facilities for your fragile goods.

Choose Temperature Control

First of all, always choose temperature control when you have fragile items in your storage unit. The temperature changes of an outdoor unit can be hard especially on glass, which may crack when exposed to temperature changes or extreme weather. In contrast, a storage unit with climate control will basically be like your items are still stored within your home.

Find a Way to Pad Your Items

Wrapping the items carefully will be another important part of keeping them safe. For one, use the right packing supplies (such as bubble wrap or foam) that will keep each item from being exposed to others. You will want to have several layers of cushion in between items so that they aren't pressing against each other. When possible, have a single layer of your fragile items in each storage container; the weight of many layers is not advisable with fragile items.

Use Plastic, Stackable Boxes

You might not have room in your storage unit to just lay items out individually. Stackable crates are great for condensing these items but giving the unit structure. The plastic crates are better for fragile items, since the hard plastic is less likely to buckle or get damaged than your standard, cardboard boxes. And stackable crates on rollers are important for organization. The boxes may have grooves that lock one box into the next, so towers of boxes aren't likely to shift when you have to move them. And moving a roller stack aside is much easier and safer than using brute force to push aside a stack of boxes and possibly shake up the contents or have one box topple down from the stack.

Ensure Proper Security

Finally, if your fragile items are also valuable items, make sure that you choose a storage facility with a great security reputation. Look for security cameras that are directed at your storage unit, along with security guards that monitor the footage 24 hours a day. Look for secure locking mechanisms on each unit, with electronic locking systems whenever possible. Fire and security alarms are also helpful additions.