Assessing Self Storage Features for the Perfect Fit

There are many different features that matter when choosing a storage facility, and the most important features are different for every type of object being stored. Some belongings need specific conditions to stay in working order after long-term storage, while others may be so expensive that not spending on excellent security is basically giving your property away. To know what to look for and how to know you're getting legitimate service, here are a few storage features and their reasons for being so important to certain types of customers.

Security Features

Depending on how valuable your belongings are, as well as the crime rate in the storage facility's area, you may have different expectations for security. Some places may be fine with a chain link fence and a few cameras, but many stored goods need a vigilant, personnel-staffed security plan.

At the basic level, make sure that doors and locks are strong enough to keep out casual thieves. Avoid buying cheap, thin padlocks that can be easily cut, and try not to get the most common locks in retail stores. Skilled thieves can buy those locks as well, and will have experience with lock-picking your security. In many cases, the basic locks used for storage rooms and lockers are what thieves use to practice on.

An indoor storage facility is the best baseline for a secure storage facility. It controls entrances and exits much better than a fenced, outdoor storage facility, especially during the night. In addition to being indoors, a camera system and security guards present during late night hours can keep your belongings protected from the trickier thieves who look for weak targets.

Make sure that the security camera systems work. This often involves going to the facility a few days in advance, then asking to see a recording of that time and date to make sure that the system is working.

Climate Control Options 

Many belongings such as electronics, sensitive clothing, paperwork, and untreated furniture need proper climate control to stay in good shape. Extreme temperature changes can lead to heat damage or humidity ruining your stored items over long periods of time, and a lack of dust control can make objects harder to clean.

Air conditioning units are the baseline climate control option. These systems can maintain a stable temperature, and humidity is removed from the air as a passive benefit of most air conditioning systems. This can be ruined if the storage facility isn't properly seals, so keep an eye out for cracks or holes in the walls and uneven doors lacking weather strips.

To enhance dryness, dehumidifiers can be installed inside specific storage units. Dust control can be helped in similar ways with an air filter, but be prepared to pay extra or at least provide your own machine for either option.

Contact a self storage company to discuss other features and performance levels before putting your belongings into storage.