Eager To Get Your College Kid's Room Cleared Out? 3 Ways To Rely On Storage

Clearing out your kid's bedroom when they move out for college can mean making some plans for all the contents in their bedroom. Many people make the mistake of leaving their former bedroom filled with furniture, clothes, and other items when they could repurpose the room into something new. Whether you have intentions of making a guest bedroom, a craft room, or even a reading library, you should look into how to best store your kid's items in a secure storage unit.

Get Your Kid Involved with Packing

One way to ensure that there are no issues with storing items while your kid is away at college is to make sure that they help out with packing. Simply grabbing items and throwing them into storage can lead to arguments with your kid since there may be some items that they don't want to keep around or they have some private items they want with them.

Having your kid help out with packing items can help them sort through everything ahead of time so that you'll only be storing items that need to be kept around.

Discuss How the Payment Will Work

Since the storage unit will likely only contain items that belong to your kid, it makes sense to go over how the payment will work. Instead of storing just anything in the unit, you need to discuss how the payment will work. Figuring out whether you're going to split the cost, cover it, or have your kid pay for it, can all help ensure that the payment is taken care of.

Take Care to Protect the Items in Storage

Before you put anything into the storage unit, you need to first make sure that everything is wrapped up properly and that nothing will get damaged. If your kid has already left for college, this responsibility will fall on you. Making sure to purchase packing materials and wrapping everything as necessary will help ensure that nothing gets damaged and that all of the contents of your storage unit are carefully taken care of. This will ensure that your kid can return from college and have all their items in good shape.

Putting items into storage is a necessity when you want to clear out your kid's bedroom after they leave for college. Since they cannot bring all their items to the dorm room, you'll benefit by keeping the above tips in mind so that your storage unit is safely packed without harm to the contents.