Storage Shed Conversions and Alternate Uses You Have to See to Believe

You are probably one of two kinds of people: the kind that looks at a storage shed and thinks "storage shed/lawn tools," or the kind that looks at a storage shed and sees endless possibilities. Regardless of which type you are, it is time to take a second look at all of those storage sheds for sale out there, because conversions and alternate uses are on the rise. Some of these conversions and alternate uses are amazing. 

Give the Gift of a She-Shed

Storage sheds that are larger, more open, and have lots more windows for natural light are being scooped up and converted into she-sheds just in time for Mother's Day. Why is that? Because moms need a place of their own, where the kids are not allowed to enter, make messes, and break things that matter to moms. Even a mom's bedroom is not really mom's if their partners and the kids are allowed to sleep there or come in whenever they want. Moms clean the entire house day after day, and not one inch of it is entirely and perfectly theirs. Create a space outside of the house where Mom can go to relax, read a book, paint a picture, knit a scarf, sew, eat bonbons, and have a drink or two when she needs it. 

The Granny Shack

More and more generations are living together under the same roof. Gen-Xers are especially stuck in the midst of the multi-generation melee, having to care for elderly parents and kids at the same time. It is enough to drive you mad. Buy a very nice mid-sized storage shed, and with some upgrades, including working plumbing, a composting toilet, a power generator, and a stove for cooking, you have the perfect "granny shack." This allows you to house your elderly parent(s) on the same property, but not under the same roof. It also gives them a little more privacy than what they would otherwise have in a house with overactive kids and a couple of other adults. 

The Guest Cabin

There really are some cool-looking storage sheds available now. Some of them do not look anything like a storage shed at all. In fact, some look like part storage shed, part playhouse or guest cabin. It is the "guest cabin" variety of storage shed that may really interest you. Like the "granny shack," you can do a few interior upgrades, and voila! You have extra space for when relatives come to stay over the holidays. 

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